Formed from Asphalt Ribbons in Nottingham England, Tindersticks is a thoroughly original and underrated band.  I am not a follower of record sales, and I don’t really know (or care) if they have had a chart topper as it were, but as pop obscurity goes, they have fulfilled one goal—they are big in Portugal (as proxy for Japan).  Perhaps the Portuguese penchant for the heartbreak of Fado puts them on lead singer Stuart Staples’ wavelength.

By those who enjoy doing so, many will try to pigeonhole the band’s sound.  I will not justify that tendency by listing any particular genres from which to choose.  These are the same people who use the term “one-hit-wonder, “ because they cannot be bothered to check out the rest of any artists’ work beyond what is popularly sanctioned; which is really quite sad.

The above video was the announcement of their last year’s release The Something Rain, an instrumental titled Goodbye Joe.  I find it rather irresistible; and so should you.